Case Studies

There is a solution to every problem

Complex property insurance

Navigating the current insurance market is very challenging, with insurers losing the capacity to underwrite high value & complex properties across Australia.

We have invested time building strong relationships with a wide range of insurance companies to ensure we can provide our clients with the best possible solutions.

Property owner case study

We were contacted by a property owner looking for advice on their $20m portfolio of properties. The premiums had dramatically increased over a two year period and the client was concerned on how the increased outgoings were going to affect their tenants.

After reviewing the insurance program we were able to provide tailored advice on how to restructure the insurance policies and achieve a significant saving. We were able to achieve a total saving of $65,000 in premium, but more importantly the client also gained a higher level of protection.

Plant, equipment & motor fleet

Businesses rely on their Plant, Equipment and Motor fleets to produce income and meet targets, and that is why it is important to ensure you have an experienced broker managing these portfolios of assets.

Plant & equipment case study

We were contacted by a services to mining company looking for an alternative opinion on their insurance program. The client had over 100 items on the policy, which included a mixture of plant & motor items. 

After reviewing the list of items and claims history, we identified an opportunity to split the policy into two separate policies. The claims on the account were affecting the motor vehicles which therefore impacted the premium on the plant items. The solution was to insure the plant with a specialist underwriter who was very competitive in the plant space and motor vehicles with a separate insurer. By restructuring the account the client saved $39,000 in premium and gained additional cover on the plant equipment. 

Let us safeguard your business

As a trusted business insurance advisor, we work closely with you to identify potential risks, review coverageoptions, and help you make informed decisions about protecting your assets and liabilities.

We strive to provide comprehensive and tailored business insurance solutions to protect you from the unexpected.