Protection for your farm, produce, livestock, vehicles, equipment & buildings

The Insurance Firm caters to the agricultural industry by offering reliable insurance solutions to farms of all shapes and sizes. We dedicate ourselves to understanding your farm and its associated risks to curate a personalised farm insurance package that covers your requirements for your farm building, livestock, home, crops, equipment, vehicles, and other assets.

Typical farm insurance packages may include:

  • Farm Home and Contents Cover: Protection for domestic property and belongings
  • Farm Property: Protection against physical loss or damage to farm property
  • Motor Vehicle and Equipment: Cover for damage to motor vehicles and farm equipment
  • Machinery Breakdown Cover: Loss or damage caused by a breakdown to electrical and mechanical machinery
  • Transit Cover: Cover for your livestock while in transit in Australia
  • Fencing Damage Protection: Protection against damages to farm fencing in the event of a natural disaster
  • Livestock Insurance: Protection against financial losses caused by the death or loss of livestock
  • Public and Products Liability Cover: Protection against legal actions taken against you or your farm as a result of an incident that occurs on your farm property or from a product produced on your farm
  • Business Interruption (Farm Continuous Expenses): Protection against a financial loss as a result of business interruption and continuous farm expenses
  • Crop Insurance: Cover for fire, hail, chemical over spraying of crops and loss caused by straying livestock
  • Workers’ Compensation: Provides injury cover for all farm employees – this is a legal requirement for all businesses in Australia, including farms

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